TEDxUMontana: exciting ideas at the University of Montana

Meet Chris Comer

Chris Comer serves as Dean of UM’s College of Arts & Sciences.


Why did you want to speak at TEDxUMontana?

To test myself, and to help spread ideas about which I am passionate.

What was your reaction when you found out you were selected as a speaker?

I was very pleased, with a bit of trepidation thrown in.  That reaction deepened when I saw the wonderful list of other speakers.

What inspires you about TED talks?

The fact that there are now many, but no two are alike . . . there are so many good ideas out there!

How do you want to change the world?

Everyday I see evidence that we still have (at least) two cultures in academia and in our culture: one humanistic, the other scientific.  If we can break through the cognitive barriers between advocates of each, and stimulate more shared work and enjoyment between the two mind-sets, it will make for a happier and more survivable world.

What are you passionate about beyond your work?

My family: Linda and Nico, and Patrick, Joseph, Sarah and Colin.  Baseball and my team, the White Sox (OK it’s not a great year to be a Sox fan), figure high on the list.  I am also an avid reader of fiction (no surprise when you hear my TED talk) and I’m a bit obsessed with aviation – I pay attention to planes the way bird watchers track unusual species of our winged friends.

Learn more about Chris


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