TEDxUMontana: exciting ideas at the University of Montana

Meet Josh Slotnick

Meet Josh Slotnick, co-founder of the Garden City Harvest and the PEAS farm.


Why did you want to speak at TEDxUMontana?

All the TEDx talks I have seen have done a tremendous job of presenting compelling ideas in an engaging format. I believe strongly in the quality of the work we do here, and I wanted to be part of spreading our stories. I am also excited about learning from participating in the TEDx format.

What was your reaction when you found out you were selected as a speaker?

I was ecstatic, proud, and a little loopy with disbelief.

What inspires you about TED talks?

Every talk seems to have narrative arc, involving obstacles, insight, action and transformation. The talks fill you with a sense of possibility.

How do you want to change the world?

I want to see small farms everywhere, staffed by small groups of people committed to the invigoration of their specific places.

What are you passionate about beyond your work?

Food, farming, and working to make my community a more coherent place – yes these are all part of my work, but the work/not-work lines have blurred, and these pursuits are my passions.

Learn more about Josh


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