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Meet Kimber McKay

Meet another of our TEDxUMontana speakers, cultural anthropologist Kimber McKay.

Why did you want to speak at TEDxUMontana?

Tedx is a really exciting venue that provides a platform for ordinary people with unusual experiences or important ideas to share. I was excited to participate as part of the community of people sharing ideas at UM.

What was your reaction when you found out you were selected as a speaker?

I was excited!!

What inspires you about TED talks?

I have watched tons of TED talks online, and I love them because they are often inspirational and they are given by regular people like you and me. They reinforce my belief that most of the people around us have had really interesting experiences that, when I learn about them, broaden my thinking and enrich my life.

How do you want to change the world?

As a cultural anthropologist I want to encourage people to look for the good, the wisdom, the joy and the humor to be found every single day not only in our own culture with all of its rich subcultures, but around the world too. In my experience working with people living in tiny communities in very remote places, I have learned that we are generally more alike one another than we are different, and that we share many aspirations and goals. I believe that we all have a lot to learn from the way other people do things in cultures that appear on the surface very different to ours, and that the way they go about doing things is often worth really trying to understand.

What are you passionate about beyond your work?

Well, I am a mom of two young children so I am really passionate about them, of course! I am also a horse person – I have ridden competitively since I was 10, and I compete in combined training events, like the recent Event at Rebecca Farm in Kalispell. This is a triathalon, including phases on the flat and over fences. I love to grow food and keep chickens too – my kids also garden, tend the chickens and ride horses, so it’s all pretty family-oriented.

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One comment on “Meet Kimber McKay

  1. susan Biggs
    August 16, 2013

    I love your reply about how you want to change the world. Count me in!

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