TEDxUMontana: exciting ideas at the University of Montana

Meet Dale Sherrard



Today we begin introducing our TEDxUMontana speakers to you. First up is sound designer Dale Sherrard.


Why did you want to speak at TEDxUMontana?

I admire both UM and TEDx! It’s a win/win. I also felt my topic would be interesting to the general public, and what better venue than a TEDx?

What was your reaction when you found out you were selected as a speaker?

I was honored, excited, a bit frightened and immediately heard an inner voice advise: “Don’t get cocky, kid.”

What inspires you about TED talks?

The format suggests ideas worth extra consideration, and it provides a showcase for some fascinating lives and stories in the context of new media that might go unheard without the TED network.

How do you want to change the world?

In small increments, so that the ideas last and evolve.

What are you passionate about beyond your work?

Learning the culinary arts, food and wine (while listening to TED talks on NPR), and just enough politics as to not become passive about anything. 

Learn more about Dale


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